Hello, I am Milena Mitova

I want to help you solve the biggest marketing bottleneck for your team – campaign data accuracy & availability. Let’s work together to unlock the potential of your marketing dashboards with accurate insights.

About me

17+ Years in Digital Marketing

  • Stood up 10+ martech platforms
  • Authored 100+ blog posts & videos
  • Launched 600+ digital campaigns
  • Developed 2,000+ emails
  • Built 30+ intranets & websites

Why I created CampaignTrackly

I created my automated campaign URL builder app to put a stop to the guesswork, the manual typing & the inconsistent tracking links that messed up my analytics reports and under-reported my hard work. It helped me ditch the spreadsheets and become more confident in my data.

In Numbers

  • 100% growth from email marketing
  • 46% quarterly growth from MQLs
  • 250% lead generation growth from SEO
  • 99% SQL growth from Paid Search
  • Youtube subscriber growth by 150%


My latest speaking engagement was at Email Camp in Oct 2023

Watch My Master class, Jul-2023

Click the thumb to watch my master class. I am discussing how to resolve the biggest marketing hurdle – campaign data accuracy – to raise your marketing ROI and drive growth/

Campaigns and ROI

Main challenges preventing marketers from showcasing how invaluable they are to their organization.

Reporting Execution

How to build a uniform, state-of-the-art campaign tracking strategy that optimizes the accuracy of marketing insights.

I Love sharing my knowledge

At this masterclass, I talked about one of my most favorite topics: data

Data and ROI

The five types of data and how they improve the value of marketing

Data as an Asset

How to govern and convert data into a competitive strength

Want to work together?

Happy to chat!


Feedback about me

With Milena onboard we were able to significantly improve our online marketing efforts..

Fadi Albatal


She is a person who gets results, simple as that! She backs that up with a deep knowledge of how social/digital marketing actually works

Chris Shore


I would recommend her to anyone looking for a social champion though in fact I know that Milena’s skills are much broader than that.

Claire Macland


Sample content from past projects


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