About me

“I am so excited to be able to discuss how bringing together marketing and technology can generate outstanding business results and transform marketers into superheros. I continue to be in awe of the amazing things you can achieve with marketing automation every single day – and I have been in the field for more than a decade now.”

Milena Mitova


Hi there and thank you for visiting my professional website. My name is Milena.

I help marketing teams select, stand up or integrate Martech to optimize campaigns and quantify results – so they can get the recognition they deserve.

After spending years in the Unites States, where I got my MBA degree and was lucky to work for Joomla.org, Stonybrook University, FalsonStore, Honeywell, and other great organizations, I relocated to Cambridge, UK to be close to my husband, who is currently a full professor at the University of Cambridge.

United Kingdom was the 4th country I have lived in for an extended period of time throughout my career. It is also the place where my marketing automation app, app.campaigntrackly.com was born.

Moving countries is awesome, especially if you could move your friends, family or network with you.

Since that doesn’t usually happen, you have to get creative and focus on working harder than ever. All in all,  it’s interesting, inspiring and good for building character:)).

Today I am back in the US, working on new Martech projects and interesting transformational assignments.

Who I am and what I do

  • I’ve helped companies on both sides of the pond tackle tricky digital transformation projects and transition brick-and-mortar processes into technologyically savvy, cost-effective solutions that empower Marketing & Sales to drive better business outcomes.
  • My bragging rights include hundreds of digital marketing projects, 15 certifications, 6 awards, and numerous recommendations from supervisors, partners, and co-workers.
  • I believe in technology and founded my own app –  Campaign Trackly, a tracking automation SAAS application which helps marketers build trackable links that help them gain better insights on marketing budget spend and ROI.
  • I am a blogger and an approved tutor with Cambridge Marketing College, and some of my articles have been featured on SmartInsights, GrowthHackers, Digital Donut & UpCity.
  • I am also an invited speaker who has given marketing automation presentations at multiple conferences and events.

Video example from the ARIAS conference

I have spoken/presented at quite a few venues and always find it exciting to share my knowledge with audiences and learn new things. I thought’ I’d share here an even teaser from way back when:).



Milena Mitova

If you would like to contact me, please email me at milena@milenamitova.com.